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Our Partners

UN Women Aotearoa New Zealand is a registered charity which exists to raise funds for and awareness of UN Women's work across the Pacific region and around the world. 10% of event proceeds will be donated to making a difference for women and girls around the world.

Endorsing Partner

Engineers and architects create the world around us. Our work is behind every major human advancement since the beginning of time, and makes peoples’ lives better, healthier and more connected.

The Diversity Agenda is a joint initiative from Engineering New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute of Architects and ACE New Zealand. Launched in early 2018 with a goal to help engineering and architecture firms become more diverse and inclusive through awareness, empowerment and action, the movement has grown to over 150 Diversity agenda members. Firms across both engineering and architecture, and those that work within these industries, are encouraged to sign up as members to show they’re serious about diversity and inclusion, and benefit from access to resources, events, tools and tips. Members who want to make the ultimate commitment can then sign the Diversity Agenda Accord, with the personal responsibility from CEs and business owners to be held publicly accountable for achieving truly diverse industries.

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